Face of Xinjiang

Theo is back here again and sheds some light for us on an obscure side of China which deserves some more attention, especially in recent shocking news.

I have been in China over 7 years and my dream was always to go to Xinjiang, a region in China with a lot of ethnics conflict, it’s not easy to go there since they are in vigilance all the time.

Was a good experience for me to go there and do the first part of the project that I am creating, I spend 10 days traveling around the province capturing some photos of the region.

This region is difficult to go because its impossible for a normal tourist to travel there, all the cities that you go you must present your passport and register in the police station, they do that because they want to ensure the foreigners are there are safe and will not influence in their people.

This region is so hard because first you are controlled during all the time and you cannot just go around, in my case was a bit different since I took the Chinese drive license and was traveling with my wife, the reason I mention is so hard because if you want to add petrol in the car, you must use a Chinese ID, in case not you are not allowed to add petrol so you are not able to drive around.

The craziest thing happened during this first trip to Xinjiang was during one police check, they asked me to install a hardware inside of my cell phone and asked me to unlock that, so basically they copy all my data I guess inside their hardware, I had no chance to say anything just let they do, since I was there traveling for fun but those kinds of things can happen every time over there.

Another funny situation during this trip, most of the restaurants inside of the Uyghur villages are vigilant from the government so when you go inside you must inform your personal information and the cameras are vigilance you all the time, not the cameras from the restaurant but the cameras from the government.

Those photos I am sharing is from the first time of the trip, I would like to go again and take more photos with the same film and the same camera.

For this project, I am using a Nikon F80 + 28 and 85m lenses.

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