Islamic Republic of Iran

The trip to Iran was something that we scheduled at the last minute, we were wanting to go somewhere during the Chinese New Year holiday, but we didn’t know where, since I already knew almost everywhere and Iran was always a country that I was interested in going, out of nowhere we bought the ticket from China to Iran and went on to explore that country, but one thing I never expected to happen in my life happened on my arrival when I set foot inside the immigration from Iran my passport was not in my pocket, and now what I would do since it was there and could not enter the country, we called the embassy, we prayed we did everything that had to be done, after 7 am inside the airport a gentleman came running and handed me my passport, story that I never want to pass again, but good that everything went well and we went to explore this amazing country and what I can share with you is the photos of this trip.

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