Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

I was always curious about visiting North Korea, but I was always wondering if I should go or not, after seeing some people going I made myself available and went there to check what was really around, I took a train from Beijing and went to the city bordering the country and alone took a group of Chinese businessmen who were going and embarked on this 5 day adventure inside the country. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life since it’s not any day that you can enter a country as closed as North Korea. At first, I thought it was simpler, but when I was discovering and understanding how the country’s regime was closed. Of course, you don’t go out and discover the country, I did a tour as everyone does with a guide where I could only see what was really interesting for tourists and probably not the reality of the place, but anyway it was very interesting and I let the photos speak for themselves.




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