10 days at Laoximen

After creating the 10 days at “The Bund” in Shanghai I came up with another idea to explore another region of the city, as I had already done the first project and set out for the second, where I explored a disappearing Shanghai region, which is the Laoximen region, a completely different project from the first one since the first one you perceived the most modern side of shanghai city already in that of Laoximen I tried to explore the old and old houses where people are still living, the local trade and the Chinese style sales. The cool thing about this project that I always went to in the morning would end up arriving at times where people were just waking up and me photographing there, probably people thinking what he’s doing this time doing photography, and me having a lot of fun. In this project I took with me a great friend who lives in Shanghai Alex Pollnow, he is a great photographer and he liked the idea and decided to get together to shoot, cool in shooting with friends you can share the experience and see how it goes stay the next project, I like to go alone, but if the person knows my style and knows how I shoot, I see no problem coming along, that’s how I invited Alex, I think at most to go out shooting has to be two people, if it doesn’t end up messing up. I hope you enjoy this 10 day project in Laoximen.




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