Dubrovnik in Croatia

During my trip to Balkans in December 2019 my main objective was to to Montenegro to visit the city of Kotor, but as in the way back to Germany we passed by the city of Dubrovnik, I was with a friend that is super fan of Game of Throne and we decided to go there to check the city to make sure if is beautiful as everyone says and what we could explore there. Of corse as I am always with my film camera I got some pictures from the city of Dubrovnik with my favorite film the Portra 400.

Sometimes when you visit a place you do not need 200 photos, with 20 photos that I took with my film camera you can have a feeling how the city looks like.

Montenegro Kotor

This was one of my last couyntry to visit inside of the Balkans, so s I got some days to travel in Balkans I decided to drive all the way there to visit the city of Kotor, I made couple photos with my old film camera. 


A small project about my trip in Bosnia, me and a friend Duran decided to take a car and go towards the roads of Bosnia, nothing better than exploring this country for its villages and real areas of the country and not tourist attractions, I always I became interested in this country that I had already visited, but I always stayed on the tourist route, getting to know a little more about the country, how it really impressed me and attracted a lot of attention, since I got to see what Bosnia’s society really is like. I show here some photos that were taken with my film camera during my last trip in Bosnia.

10 days at Laoximen

After creating the 10 days at “The Bund” in Shanghai I came up with another idea to explore another region of the city, as I had already done the first project and set out for the second, where I explored a disappearing Shanghai region, which is the Laoximen region, a completely different project from the first one since the first one you perceived the most modern side of shanghai city already in that of Laoximen I tried to explore the old and old houses where people are still living, the local trade and the Chinese style sales. The cool thing about this project that I always went to in the morning would end up arriving at times where people were just waking up and me photographing there, probably people thinking what he’s doing this time doing photography, and me having a lot of fun. In this project I took with me a great friend who lives in Shanghai Alex Pollnow, he is a great photographer and he liked the idea and decided to get together to shoot, cool in shooting with friends you can share the experience and see how it goes stay the next project, I like to go alone, but if the person knows my style and knows how I shoot, I see no problem coming along, that’s how I invited Alex, I think at most to go out shooting has to be two people, if it doesn’t end up messing up. I hope you enjoy this 10 day project in Laoximen.




10 days in the bund

That was one of the coolest projects I’ve done to date, I woke up every day around 5 am and headed for one of Shanghai’s bundle postcards, I did it in 10 straight days using different types of movies to see The differences, these movies were old movies used in the production of movie films. I liked the project because besides shooting that is something that I like a lot, I ended up doing and discovering the life that you have in that place, it’s unbelievable but people go there every day to exercise or photograph, it was a learning that I’ll take to all my life and hope you enjoy the outcome of this 10 day battle in one of China’s postcards.



I went to Brazil to spend 10 days, getting there I enjoyed the weekends, but ending the weekends usually everyone has to go back to work and I got lost there during the week thinking what I could do, could have stayed at home doing nothing, but as I want to know new places and new cultures, I invited my niece who had just finished school and my mother to get in the car and go to Uruguay, I thought it would be a close trip, but they were almost 20h driving, a lot, I got tired but I managed to get to the capital of the country, passing by the beaches and exploring this country that I call piece of Europe in South America.


Islamic Republic of Iran

The trip to Iran was something that we scheduled at the last minute, we were wanting to go somewhere during the Chinese New Year holiday, but we didn’t know where, since I already knew almost everywhere and Iran was always a country that I was interested in going, out of nowhere we bought the ticket from China to Iran and went on to explore that country, but one thing I never expected to happen in my life happened on my arrival when I set foot inside the immigration from Iran my passport was not in my pocket, and now what I would do since it was there and could not enter the country, we called the embassy, we prayed we did everything that had to be done, after 7 am inside the airport a gentleman came running and handed me my passport, story that I never want to pass again, but good that everything went well and we went to explore this amazing country and what I can share with you is the photos of this trip.

Black And White Photographers In Iceland

This trip to Iceland was something that I put in my head that I had to go there to explore this island and ended up doing it, my wife rented a car in the capital and went for a walk around the island, camping and exploring the maximum. This beautiful place has to offer, the cool thing is that the island of Iceland is not very big, but every few kilometers you have a very wide range of beauties, from nowhere you see a beautiful green moss and after a few minutes driving you to see a giant iceberg, the vegetation is variation is very large and you can see and see amazing places, in this project I decided to shoot only black and white to give the contrast of cold and climate that this place has to offer to the visitors, follows the pictures.