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One of the biggest challenges for me is to photograph where I was born and raised, I don’t know if it’s normal to have this difficulty, but when I come home I always try to try as hard as possible so that the photos can come out, I don’t know why. I’m used to the place I don’t find it very attractive and I can’t photograph it, it’s something that blocks me and it doesn’t make much sense, I think because the vast majority of my contacts today are from the same region, when they look and observe the photograph, something goes without Funny, but still I always try to go places where I grew up to try to register the evolution or if they still stand in time.

In my trip to Brazil I took some films, where I recorded places where I liked to go and went visiting and recording, is a small series made with analog film to show a little of the region of Santa Catarina which is the southern region of Brazil. Whenever I talk to someone outside Santa Catarina usually when I speak the answer is always the same, the best region in Brazil, really the region is very good, but as I am from there I have got used to it and I like the region, but I don’t have sure whether or not it is the best region in Brazil.

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