Last stop in Shanghai

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Life keeps moving, I am back in Shanghai for two years since I left for the first time, the city changes so fast that I can’t describe it, I don’t know if this fast is good or bad, but I can’t follow it anymore, if is changing fast let it be, but I can’t be more on part of this change, after spent almost two years back here, I am moving out. As I want like to keep memories alive, and one day when I come back to Shanghai I can compare the old and the present.

I got some rolls of films and hit the streets of Xiaonanmen in Shanghai to show this present situation of the location, in a way a like to tell stories. Probably this is my current last project here in Shanghai. For sure I will miss Shanghai and all my good friends that I made here in the last 5 years.

See you soon Shanghai, and this is for you!

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