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I made to Uruguay with my family, this year during my birthday I decided to take a flight and go straight to Brazil, To celebrate with friends and family, I think there’s no value in the world than being close to the one you love. So in this trip left a few days on the agenda and I was always very curious to know about this country that is very close but very far from where I was born and raised, always had the curiosity to go and why not go there and check closely this parents whose name is Uruguay.

I didn’t have much time available, but anyway I put my mother and niece in the car and we went out to explore this beautiful place, I had no idea what I would find ahead, but the trip was going and I discovered that we were in South America we have a mini Europe, and this country is called Uruguay, a very isolated country that has more sheep than people and with a very nice and friendly people, I was recording everything I found interesting on this trip with my old camera to record a little more of this Uruguayan culture.

In this series, I show a little of this trip I made in the family for those who are interested in learning more about Uruguay.

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