Theo Santana is a Brazilian man on a mission. I don’t think even he knows what this mission is, but If he’s got an idea, he can’t let it go until it’s completed. This is the reason why he has visited over 100 countries, is fluent in speaking multiple languages, and the reason why he has a pretty adaptable set of skills. Theo has been here in China for nearly 10 years, and in that time, he’s managed to accrue his fair share of stories to tell. Theo has worked in various industries but is a dab hand at most things media related. His passion for production is clear to see. He hosts several Youtube channels in different languages and can be working on a handful of personal projects at any one time.


FC Nürnberg

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Montenegro Kotor

Skateboard in Germany


10 days at Laoximen

10 days in the bund


Islamic Republic of Iran

Black And White Photographers In Iceland

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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